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I’m Olivia Rose Lopez, a singer-songwriter from Southern California. As a child I lived in Los Angeles, CA-surrounded by live music. My father played music and my mother, a photographer, was always taking me to shows and introducing me to new forms of art. Because of the early exposure to music, songwriting has been a lifelong passion for me. In my teens, I began writing constantly to release and cope with my emotions and anxiety. I further developed my sound throughout the next few years through in studio vocal preparation and learned some music business. Currently, I make music with my guitarist Xaq Adriance. My mission is to express the message of my music in a way that is genuine, heartfelt, and meaningful, and to bring joy to people.

"Olivia's new album, 'Into the Unknown', was inspired by learning to navigate a troubled love. While tracks like The Road, Blue and Faded, and Icarus show the underlying emotions of a relationship near its end, Skeleton comes from a position of power and strength in the face of a new start. Feeling lost is the heartbeat of the album and rings through to the end in The Unknown with 'My heart is Broken, as I start my voyage into the unknown...'"


"I had a lot going on in my life and so much to say when writing these songs. The album is so real to me and I know I’ll look back on it as a record of an important chapter of my life. Into the Unknown was the perfect lyric to describe how I felt at the time. I thought I had everything all figured out, and here I am starting over. I think that’s what growing is. Learning again and again that there’s more to learn. My guitarist and I are long time friends so arranging with him comes naturally. The process would often be one of us starting to flow with an idea and the other jumping in intuitively. I think it’s a super fun way of doing things, and it feels like speaking from the heart when lyrics come to me that way."

- Olivia Rose Lopez, vocalist

"Most of the arrangements came from jamming and just bouncing ideas off Olivia. Our influences are so different, but we found a middle ground for this project. I grew up listening to a lot of 90s rock like Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Audioslave, and similar groups. Olivia is more drawn to moody pop like Billie Eilish and loved bands like Mayday Parade and Paramore growing up. We found our first common ground in music when we discovered we both loved Queen as teens! We were able to connect musically on a deeper level through this album because we both love when raw emotion comes through in the music."

- Xaq Adriance, guitarist

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