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Olivia Rose Lopez

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Parallel Lines

About Me

I’m Olivia Rose Lopez, a singer-songwriter from Southern California. As a child I lived in Los Angeles, CA-surrounded by live music. My father played guitar and piano and my mother, a photographer, was always taking me to shows and introducing me to new forms of art. Because of the early exposure to music, songwriting has been a lifelong passion for me. In my teens, I began writing constantly cope with severe anxiety. I further developed my sound throughout the next few years through in studio vocal preparation and vocal training. My mission is to express the message of my music in a way that is genuine, heartfelt, and meaningful, and to bring joy to people.

Genre: Alt/Rock/Pop. Some of my early vocal and lyrical influences include Hayley Williams (Paramore), Amy Lee (Evanescence), and Mayday Parade. I also love R&B like SZA & H.E.R., and indie pop/alternative like Billie Eilish & Alina Baraz. I write based on personal experiences and observation. I love being a style chameleon in both music and appearance. 


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Parallel Lines

“Masterfully capturing the ambivalence and uncertainty of fresh starts that follow hard stops, Olivia Rose Lopez transports listeners into The Unknown through darkly ethereal guitar tones and emotionally engaging vocal performances - skillfully producing an intimate and spacious sound from just a handful of musical elements. The overall sound and feel of this track is very cohesive...The repetitive nature of the track's final moments really helps illustrate the mindset of the lyrical narrator, cyclic and tense.”
-Jon Wright


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